Other Wood Finishes.
We offer a range of finishes to protect & enhance wood.

Wax polish provides a more traditional finish for new or existing indoor furniture. It can be re-waxed as many times as you like and buffed until the required sheen level is obtained. Wax provides an attractive look, but it is not a very durable finish. It is ideally suited to low traffic furniture that do not require as much protection.

Suitable for both interior and exterior use, high quality hard wax oils offer more durability than a wax polish, and provide good protection from scuffs, scratches and liquid spills if looked after and maintained well.

Although oil can be reapplied without the necessary preparation of sanding or stripping as with a painted finish, oiled surfaces do require regular top ups to keep a good level of protection. 

Oil is a particulary good choice for outdoor furniture, as wood exposed to the elements require more frequent maintainance than indoor furniture. Drying out and cracking is often the result of heat and moisture leaving the wood. Regular top ups of a high quality oil will help to maintain and nourish the wood, it will also help protect from rot, mildew and mould. The best time of year is at the end of the summer, before the winter weather sets in.

Ideal for a more 'natural look', oils enhance the wood grain and come in a range of colours from clear/transparent, semi-transparent to opaque. Multiple sheen levels are available for most products, although generally oiled surfaces are not that glossy.

Distressing wood involves various aging techniques to make new wood look older than it really is. We can do this using a range of products depending on the project and its intended use.