Exterior Finishes.
The two categories of exterior finishes we work with are 1) oils and 2) paints and lacquers. Which you choose will depend on the finish you wish to achieve taking into account future maintenance. 

Please note - we are currently undertaking workshop-based jobs only. We offer a collection and delivery service. 

Suitable for both interior and exterior use, oil is a popular choice as the finish is easily maintained and renovated if required. Drying out and cracking is often the result of heat and moisture leaving the wood. Regular top ups of a high quality oil will help to maintain and nourish the wood, it will also help protect from rot, mildew and mould. The best time of year is at the end of the summer, before the winter weather sets in. Ideal for a more 'natural look', oils enhance the wood grain and come in a range of colours from transparent, semi-transparent to opaque. Multiple sheen levels are available for most products, although generally oiled surfaces are not that glossy. 


Paint & Lacquer.
Exterior grade paints and lacquers form a seal on the surface of the wood and are chosen to meet the requirements of each individual project. Renovation requires professional stripping and re-spraying. Available in any sheen, paints and lacquers are especially good if you require a specific colour or a high gloss 'polished' look, not achievable with oil. We generally work with the following gloss levels:

- 10% Matt
- 20% Eggshell
- 40% Satin
- 60% Semi-gloss
- 90% High Gloss


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